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Here, we hope, you will find useful information and opportunities that you can rely on to deliver what they promise.  There are many types of Property Investments and Investors.  What is perfect for one is of no interest to another.  We have tried to find a small range of the best opportunities.  Investments come and go, so if you don’t find what you are looking for please revisit.  Or better still, please contact me personally with any queries or thoughts on my email : des@easypropertyinvestments.com.

Our Story

My colleagues and I have had varying degrees of experience in the Property Investment Industry.  Some experiences have been fantastic and others have been, frankly, disappointing.  We have worked for agencies and developers across a spectrum of property classes mainly in the UK and Europe.

When I started out I just did what I was told with very little understanding of the product or opportunity.  I certainly had no knowledge of any potential risks for clients. Just sell.  That was the way it worked.  In some cases and places it still is.  Over time I gained a firsthand (yes, I invested my own money) knowledge of how the industry works.

I became a cynic and almost a specialist on when and why it didn’t work.  Bad partnerships of Developers and Agents that were doomed at the outset, due to greed and a lack of transparency on either part or both.  No safety nets in place.  People chasing commissions rather than long term client relationships.  Recently a wise old Sikh gentleman summed up the offerings to agents from developers.  “The higher the commissions the bigger the risk to the client.” How true !!

Doing it Right

We have taken all our knowledge and use it to find the safest and best deals in the marketplace.  If we don’t think a client’s money is secure we won’t promote an Investment.  We only look at developers with a proven track record.  We ask a lot of “What if ?” questions to ensure that every possible occurrence has a contingency plan.

It is not all about protecting your Investment, though that comes first.  It is imperative that completions take place on time and that mortgages, if required, are obtainable and the property is fit for finance purposes.  A regular flow of information from the developer is important to see that milestones are being achieved on time.

We Want The Same Thing

A good agent looks after clients and only promotes solid Investments.  A good agent judges an Investment on its merits rather than their own earnings.  A good agent becomes a great agent because of repeat business.  We hope to serve you in the years to come.

If you ever need some information (not necessarily on our opportunities) or have any questions, feel free to contact me on the details below and I will be more than happy to help.

All the best,

Des Donnelly

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